The Village

Thurlby straddles the A15, which was part of the old Roman Road, known as the 'Great Road', between the two cities of London and Lincoln. On the edge of the Fens, two miles south of Bourne, Thurlby has good access links to Stamford and is only 15 miles from Peterborough. Both Thurlby and Bourne are self sufficient with a good mix of leisure facilities, shops, pubs, restaurants, special interest clubs and societies.

Nearby, the famous Bourne Abbey - founded in 1138 - is perhaps the main attraction for visitors. Nearby Grimsthorpe Castle, Bourne Woods and Bourne Heritage Centre also draws crowds, with a range of events and promotions throughout the year.

For those with a sporting interest there are thriving rugby, football and cricket clubs; a popular leisure centre and swimming pool; golf at Toft and even a motor racing club.


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The Paddocks

The Paddocks